Dog Training Services and Rates


Set Your Puppy Up for Success

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My new puppy appointments focus on everything you need to know about potty training, socialization, basic commands, encouraging desired behaviors and avoiding unwanted ones (jumping and biting.)

Behavior Consultations

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For dogs with behavior problems, such as leash pulling, reactivity, mild separation anxiety and destructive behavior, I provide in-person or Zoom behavior consultations to help you better understand and address these issues.

Training with Positive Methods

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For basic training, including commands and recalls, I focus on positive training methods and effective use of reward-based methods, often incorporating marker training (clickers) and humane harnesses and collars.

Referrals to Other Professionals

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I sometimes refer serious behavior cases to other professionals, including board-certified veterinary behaviorists in San Francisco and at UC Davis.


I conduct in-person dog and puppy training appointments and behavior consultations in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  In addition, I offer tailored online training and behavior consultations, using Zoom or FaceTime.

In-Person appointments are $150 and include:

  • One 20-minute pre-appointment phone consultation, to determine how to best use our in-person time.
  • One 90-minute on-site session, for which I bring and leave behind printed training materials that I have developed over the last decade.
  • A training plan based on the session, delivered via email within 24 hours after the session is complete.
  • On-going support via email. Additional in-person appointments can be scheduled as needed.

Zoom/Facetime appointments are $95 and include:

  • A Zoom or FaceTime consultation lasting up to one hour.
  • All relevant training materials (PDFs) emailed prior to the session for the client to print or view on-screen. 
  • A training plan based on the session, delivered via email within 24 hours after the session is complete.
  • Note that I do not schedule phone calls prior to the Zoom session.  Instead, I customize the online session using information provided by the client on my contact form and subsequent emails.