About Jeff

About San Francisco Dog Trainer
Jeff Stallings, CPDT-KA

San Francisco dog trainer Jeff Stallings
Jeff and Otis in 2011

I’m San Francisco dog trainer Jeff Stallings.  Having owned well-trained dogs all my life, I started Better Nature Dog Training in San Francisco in 2011 to exploit decades of experience teaching across a number of fields. I work in-person with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and over Zoom locally and outside the area.

I am nationally-certified through the highly-respected Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. After attaining the required continuing education units in 2019, my CPDT-KA certification was renewed and is valid through 2022.

My Approach to Dog Training

I teach people how to effectively train their dogs by clearly demonstrating that every interaction counts when training a dog to come when called, for example, or instructing a puppy how to best get along in life.

I take a scientific and holistic approach to dog training. The scientific aspect comes from understanding dog psychology from an evolutionary perspective, knowing how dogs are both similar to and distinct from their ancestors, including the grey wolf.

The holistic component derives from taking into account all facets of any particular dog’s situation, including upbringing, prior training, traumatic events and—most importantly—the characteristics of his home and family life.

For more information about my training experience and philosophy, please read through my blog posts and articles.

Why Choose a CCPDT-Accredited Dog Trainer?

Veterinarians generally prefer to refer patients to trainers who have attained the CPDT-KA (knowledge assessed) distinction.

I first earned this nationally-recognized certification in 2013 and after attaining the necessary continuing education in 2022, am certified through 2025. This credential requires years of experience; references from veterinarians, colleagues and clients; and a formal examination to confirm expertise and proficiency in dog learning theory, canine husbandry, and ethology—the scientific study of animal behavior.

About Jeff's Dog Otis

Otis was born on Valentine’s Day 2011 and has been my loyal companion and co-worker since she was a puppy.  While I have trained her to perform many behaviors and tricks, she has also taught me and great deal about dogs, life and happiness.

This is a video I made of her amazing physical abilities: