San Francisco Dog Trainer Jeff Stallings

Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant

I’m San Francisco dog trainer Jeff Stallings, accredited by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers since 2013, with over a decade of experience addressing a range of dog training and behavior issues.

I offer private, in-home behavior consultations and training sessions in San Francisco, the Bay Area and the Santa Cruz Area, or we can meet at parks or other outdoor locations.

I also offer Zoom and FaceTime appointments, which work well for many behavior and training issues.  Contact me to explore what might work best for you and your dog.


San Francisco dog trainer Jeff Stallings

Please visit my contact page to get in touch; I respond to all inquiries within a few hours.

Modern Dog Training Methods

I help my clients train their dogs and puppies using positive reinforcement and other humane methods of behavior modification. This science-based approach considers each dog’s background, temperament and household environment to guide clients towards more gratifying, healthy relationships with their four-footed companions.

Together we’ll explore how your dog perceives the world and communicates, allowing you to build upon and enhance desired behaviors.

After each appointment, online or in-person, I email a customized training plan and then remain available via email and text to answer any questions.

San Francisco dog trainer Jeff Stallings
San Francisco dog trainer Jeff Stallings

Reward-Based Dog Training

Incorporating positive reinforcement methods to shape behaviors and teach commands, I sometimes incorporate marker training to speed things along. The purposeful use food rewards—and knowing when to use fewer—helps improve command compliance.  (Hint:  Become your dog’s slot machine!)

Most dogs enjoy having a job to do, so I encourage the Nothing in Life is Free strategy, making every interaction with your dog a training opportunity.  

For building leash skills, I tailor collar and harness recommendations to each dog’s body shape and leash issues.  I never use aversives (shock, pinch, choke), and often recommend front-clip, no-pull harnesses, head collars such as the Gentle Leader, and the occasional Martingale for those sighthounds out there.

Getting Your Puppy Off to a Good Start

My “new puppy” appointments take the guesswork out of how to start your puppy off on the right, um, paw.  The first few months of a puppy’s life impact everything else that follows; I love helping clients socialize, train and bond with their new family member in the best way possible.

Dog Training Services:

  • Bringing a new puppy into your life and home
  • Potty training issues
  • Command/obedience training
  • Recalls: Teaching your dog to come when called
  • Leash pulling
  • Jumping on people
  • Biting, chewing and digging
  • Excessive barking
  • Aggression/reactivity
  • Separation anxiety and isolation distress
Jeff Stallings Postive Reinforcement Trainer

Teaching You to Train Your Dog

My training approach takes advantage of many aspects of dog cognition—the way they perceive the world; how they learn and communicate; their ability to read our emotions; and social behavior—to train dogs and modify behavior.

My focus is on helping you to more effectively interact with and train your dog. After appointments, I am available to answer questions about shaping and improving the relationship between you and your dog.

For more information about my dog training methods, please read through my articles and published magazine pieces.

Contact me more information or to explore a Zoom consultation or in-person appointment.

Why choose a CCPDT-accredited trainer?
Veterinarians generally prefer to refer patients to trainers who have attained the CPDT-KA (knowledge assessed) distinction.
I first earned this nationally-recognized certification in 2013 and after attaining the necessary continuing education in 2022, am certified through 2025. This credential requires years of experience; references from veterinarians, colleagues and clients; and a formal examination to confirm expertise and proficiency in dog learning theory, canine husbandry, and ethology—the scientific study of animal behavior.

Off-leash Adventures

Bay Area parks and beaches that allow dogs off-leash

What better place to take advantage of your dog’s rocket recalls and heeled walks than at the San Francisco Bay Area parks, beaches and preserves that allow dogs off-leash? 

I have researched and hiked many gorgeous San Francisco Bay Area beaches, parks and preserves that allow well-trained dogs to be off-leash and provide information about them on my Offleash Adventures page, including directions to the trailheads.

While most national and California state park hiking trails do not allow dogs, there are many options for local off-leash adventures, including regional preserves and beaches.

So take a hike with your best friend while enjoying the Bay Area’s ample natural beauty.

Jeff and Otis Hiking
Tennessee Valley / Marin County

Zoom or In-Person Behavior Consultations

Portrait of naughty young golden dog playing toilet papers on sofa
For dogs with behavior problems, such as leash pulling, reactivity, mild separation anxiety and destructive behavior, I provide Zoom or in-person behavior consultations to help you understand and address the issues.

Training with Positive Methods

services training
For basic training, including commands and recalls, I focus on positive training methods and effective use of reward-based methods, often incorporating marker training (clickers) and humane harnesses and collars.

Set Your Puppy up for Success

services puppy training
My new puppy appointments focus on everything you need to know about potty training, socialization, basic commands, encouraging desired behaviors and avoiding unwanted ones (jumping and biting.)

Referrals to Other Professionals

services referrals
I sometimes refer serious behavior cases to other professionals, including board-certified veterinary behaviorists in San Francisco and at UC Davis.


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